Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide coaching in a variety of visual and performing arts to youth between the ages of 5 and 14, and then provide opportunities for celebrating the talents and progress of both our students and other members of our community in distinguished public performances and exhibitions, competitions, and charitable events.

Our focus in serving the South Orange County California area includes supporting events and programs that foster creativity, build self esteem, encourage independence, generate opportunities, develop teamwork, and instill confidence, appreciation, and a desire to serve the community.

Our exceptional program features:

Donna Webster – 2013 OC Drama Teacher of theYear, Creative Director

D’Arcy Green – MACY Actress of the Year 2014, Director/Musical Director

Melissa Lauren – NACMAI – International Vocalist, Entertainer & Musical Director Songwriter of the Year 2016

Delaney Moeller – Advanced Drama, International Thespian Society Director